Thursday, May 24, 2007

Antica Gelateria del Corso

OK, I know i should really have pics, but gawd don't u just hate it sometimes when u dont have a camera handy? (okok, next time i'll glue my camera to my bag) lol. Anyway, today wasn't exactly the warmest of days, but strangely enough, I had a dire need for some ice cream. So walking along Glenferrie Rd, just before class, I was deciding on whether I wanted something "milky" or "sour". Walking past Trampoline (not even taking a second look), I spotted Antica Gelateria del Corso right across the street. Now, ur gonna wonder why I didn't even give Trampoline a chance...well, let's just say it's too commercialised, plus the fact that I've had it in the past and there wasn't anything there that I've gotten excited about. Antica on the other hand may be small, but they have a great range of gelato too, such as bloody orange, strawberries & cream, rum & raisin, coconut cream, pineapple punch, chocolate kinder surprise, etc. There's actually A HELL LOT of chocolate options (for choc lovers), but I got myself a Baileys cone ($3.50), and OMG, loved it! Reminded me of Cafe Grecos' Bailey's cheesecake, only colder and not as rich & not too sweet, and it went well with the waffle cone. I think I ate it in 1 mins flat. I wouldn't mind having a cone the next time I go around...that's if I don't finish my money on buns next door @ Browns. ;)

Btw, I found out that there's another Antica on Collins St...and apparently one of the ex-chef from Brunetti's actually work there now. Would probaby make the effort to check it out when I have the time after my exams. :D

Antica Gelateria del Corso
681 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn Vic 3124
Telephone: 03 9815 1798

Also at:
Shop 5/161 Collins Street
Phone: 03 96545338

Shop K3, 1341 Dandenong Road
Chadstone Shopping Centre
Telephone: 03 9568 5205


Truffle said...

I've wanted to try this place for awhile and now it seems I really must! Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

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