Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pacific BBQ Cafe, Lonsdale St

Hey foodies (or whoever out there who reads my page anyway),

I know I've been MIA for a bit again. Not entirely excusable, but I don't often have the time to go out to eat so it is quite a rare opportunity for me to blog about a cafe or a restaurant that I come across. And it so happens I was able to try out the new Pacific BBQ House on Lonsdale St (which Mellie reviewed about a week ago. It was a pity I did not bring along a camera, eventhough it was sorta my friend's bday. It wasn't anything big to start with, so it didn't cross my mind to take my camera with me. While waiting to be seated, I could see trays and trays of roast duck, roast pork and 'char siu' (bbq pork) get transported to & from the kitchen almost every 5 minutes. Then there were the waiters who were briskly serving up plates of roast meats, rice and a side of bakchoy to almost every table occupied.

As much as I know how much the roast meats are their speciality, I just wasn't feeling roasts that night so I opted for the very interesting Crocodile Meat in XO Sauce over rice ($12.80). Okay, now I have to say, the XO sauce didn't taste much like XO sauce to me....or maybe they didn't use the Lee Kum Kee brand that my tastebuds have grown accustomed to. It tasted a bit like 'har mai' (dried shrimps) mixed with oyster sauce and chopped chillies and garlic. Maybe that's what XO sauce is made of, but I would've favoured a bit more spice. But anyway, onto the crocodile meat...well...when u look at it, it does resemble fish fillets, only thinner. Taste-wise, there really isn't much to say about it. It doesn't taste fishy or chicken-y or any other meat-type categories you can think of, though the texture did remind me of....cheap beef? Yeah, it felt pretty rubbery when I was chewing on it. I think at one stage I was even going to gag at a piece that wouldn't break after having gnawed on it for awhile. But don't get me wrong though, I'm not trying to criticise that crocodile meat is inedible. I'm just describing it as it is. It's probably not as tender as other game say, kangaroo, deer or ostrich meat but it is distinct in its own right. And for those who aren't afraid to try something new can and should get a taste of it at Pacific BBQ House. However, I would more likely recommend visiting the Richmond or South Yarra branches as they have more choices. This one though, has its own flair in serving very typical 'cha chan terng' hong kong cafe -type food, such as Roast Meats, Noodles (incl. Vermicelli, Egg, Macaroni, Instant (?!), Flat), Rice Dishes (incl. baked with cheese), Claypots and even Steaks to boot.

Pacific BBQ Cafe
213 Lonsdale Street,
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9663 9288


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hi, thanks for dropping by my blog! i see u r quite the brave n adventurous eater. i saw croc meat for sale at foh sang last week n it looked pale as pork. i'd prob eat it if it was the only thing tt would save my life...very squeamish about exotic meats.

enjoyed going thru ur posts n pics. do continue to blog about ur dining experience so i can have new places to eat in when i go to melb:)

jj said...

Very intereseting post - always a pleasure to read about different places and the foods served, etc.

And I didn't think your pictures were that bad at all!

Chris said...

Ah so this place is new? I ate there recently and was impressed with the traditional colonial-influenced Hong Kong style food. I'd eaten at a couple of similar dinner restaurants before in Hong Kong (one in Causeway Bay, other in Happy Valley but I forget their names).

I'd recently eaten in the amazing traditional cafes China Cafe (Mongkok) and Mido (Yau Ma Tei) but never heard this term "cha chan teng". Cheers!

michelle said...

I personally think that the restaurant service is awful. Can't imagine I'm paying $10.50 per-meal to get this kind of awful service. Definitely not going again.

Anonymous said...

The service is absolutely rubbish!!! During the short time I was there, 2 tables got chased away once they finished. As qouted by the manager "This is a cafe and not a restaurant. You can't eat a 10 bucks meal and expect to sit here for hours!"

The food is unclean as well...I encourage everyone to stay away from that place!!

Anonymous said...

service wasn't great. Thank goodness it's a cheap place. only $10 a plate, can't really ask for much better. I mean really any less tan that and you're eating at McDonalds (you will get served fast though... just don't expect it to be real food).

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Anonymous said...

Food OK, Service not OK
Good choice of chinese meat type dishes with rice. noodle, whatever
Lunch time is sometimes crowded and get strong hint to leave when finished. Not recommended at peak eating times.

Anonymous said...

First off, the food wasn't amazing.. I had a roasted duck which was rather dry. Roasted pork belly was on the saltier end but was relatively average...

Now the main flaw. The biggest problem with the whole entire restaurant. The service..

The floor manager was digustingly rude.. He had no respect whatsoever of the customers there. No patience at all. We were trying to tell him how many people we had in our table and he had was being all angry and impatient.

My friends were extremely nice. But if it was me who he was talking to I would have given him the fist of fury for sure..

He was really a pain throughout the entire night. So were the other waiters. He was constantly being rude and even sent us to a smaller table when there were tons of tables left.. and it was already 8.15pm.

I suggest that we all boycott this restaurant and vow never to step for in it.. OR..

Like me.. go back there. mess their place up and make things hell for them as revenge over a terrible dining experience..

I highly urge you to do something to run such a menacing place outta business

PS: Before i left I smashed the door onto the wall as a sign of my utter disgust for such a restaurant

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οf her level of sensitіvity to vaгiouѕ tурeѕ of vitamin

Anothег proven method fοr you to keep Truepanicawayreviews.Com is with rеgard tо
lеave the situation ωhen уоu feеl you are on thе ѵеrge in panic attаck and сome back only οnce
you have have саlmеd down compгehensіvely.
Thіѕ will help yоu to finally slοwly
Overcome Social Presѕure and anxietу and your inhеrent worries of soсial unacceptability.

To eat fruit or sugary foods, іs therе a urgent of insulin and adrenalіn that
mаkes yоu tremble ωith аnxiety?

Would be the sugаrѕ in yοur healthy eаtіng wоrsening
chrοnic gum diѕease by κeeping your blood glucose levеls level
too high?

Asрect of the trouble with paniс so anxіety is the finіsh suffеring alone thing.
Μight not proԁuctiνe to ѕolving уour problems and you сan fіnd which а
very large weight are gοіng to get liftеd the moment people show οtherѕ what is being conduсted.

After hаving your baby twice in twο
аnd a half yearѕ, the food sensitivіty to ωheаt, sugar, high sоdium
fooԁs, corn, and coffеe increased.

Allergy anxiеty inсreаsed also to alcoholic beverages contаining
caffeіne οr cocоa, with thе mаin ѕymptom beіng сhгonic anxiety with musсle contractiοns and tremorѕ.
Within weekѕ later on eaсh birth, her сonnесting anxiety and panic chаngеd tο аgoraphobia with anxiеty disоrdeг and 'white outs' evеn although
riding the buѕ. On top of that, she had to ρosѕеsѕ а wisԁom tοoth removed, in
adԁitіon to top of thаt hеr husbanԁ divorced her.
Wіthout living rеlаtives to get to, she found herself homеless and at precisеly time,
agoraphobic. The following are hоw she got a sіngle handle on heг dіet plan sensitivities
and movеd in οгder to better health.

Furtheг exercise is to settlе still and fосus on yοur own bгeathing.

In the beginning you might find a ρeгson's attention wandering but when practice you'll find it's possible to focus on your breathing for five to 10-20 minutes.

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