Friday, April 18, 2008

Steamed bananas.......Mmm


Not much to report these couple of days, because I haven't been going out much due to being:
1. Swamped with assignments - 2 due next week, and another 2 due the week after!

Resulting in me having to....

2. Take a break off work for the next couple of days, which meant I had to be thrifty;

While at the same time....

3. Am forced to save up just enough to fund my birthday 'party' this weekend... dinner + cake + movie *GOSH!*

So basically, as much as I would love to go out, have fun and go indulge my tastebuds, my studies have taken over every aspect of my life. (It's interesting how they're all connected in some way or another.)

On a tastier note, my green plantain (or sugar/cooking) bananas which I bought a few weeks ago have ripened nicely and I was able to make them the way I always do back home in Malaysia - cooked in steam (dont know if that's a Malaysian thing or Chinese thing, but I read that people in Latin America have many uses for them - most of which of course are for consumption). This tastes fantastic when served in warm coconut milk & sago. Or even with ice cream and maple syrup. I personally like them on its own. *YUM*

Beautifully ripened plantain bananas

Blackened skin due to being cooked

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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

did u know tt Sabah got its name frm these 'sup jiau'/Sabah bananas? i read tt in my son's history (or was it geo?) textbook. when the early settlers came, they saw a lot of Sabah bananas n so named this state Sabah. :)